Peter Moore, the president of EA Sports announced that 4 sports titles will feature Kinect support in 2012.

EA Sports 4 games will get enhanced experience with Kinect

The games are FIFA, Madden NFL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and a yet to announced 4th game.

Here’s what Peter said about the games and Kinect:

Imagine what would be like to actually call audible lines in Madden.

Imagine the fidelity of motion when swinging a golf club in Tiger.

Just imagine the possibilities that Kinect can bring to the biggest sport in the world, FIFA

As for the mysterious game, we may guess that it will be SSX (snowboard supercross), we reported in this news that Microsoft registered the domain. We will find out in the next days of th E3 2011 conference.

Unfortunately that’s all the info that we have for now, more details will be revealed in the next year, say Peter.

Which features do you think these games will have? Voice commands? Full body tracking?