The second VR game listed on the Windows Mixed Reality “Games & Entertainment” poster is the first-person tower defence game Ancient Amuletor VR, which you can see in action in the trailer above and read more info about in the game’s description from its Steam page and website:


Ancient Amuletor VR

About This Game

Ancient Amuletor VR is an action tower defense game that throws you into the ancient world to battle magical creatures, monsters and other legendary foes in single-player and cooperative multiplayer for up to three players.


  • Visit age-old civilizations and immerse yourself in spectacular environments in thrilling fights against armies of mythological enemies.
  • Swap at any time between mighty hero classes like the archer, gunner, mage and puppeteer- each with their own specific set of controls and skills.
  • Arcade-style controls using motion controller make for fast and enjoyable pick-up-and-play gameplay. Fire powerful weapons and summon fearsome magic with realistic feeling and motion.
  • Play alone, or team up with your friends – the game supports up to three players at once in all levels! Full-body IK technology gives you the ability to see your whole body in VR!




Set in a world of ancient civilizations, the game allows players to act as different heroes and fight against a great deal of resurrected monsters. To defeat these powerful enemies that used to live in ancient wonders, a player can choose to fight alone or cooperate with friends, defending the crystals that are used to maintain balance in the world.


Currently available heroes include archer, gunner mage and puppeteer, and each of these heroes owns its specific control and skills. During a game fight, players can dynamiclly switch from one hero to another at any time in accordance with constantly changing situation.


A light elf coming from Alfheim. As a ranger captain Lia.Ilphukiir features high move speed and skilled archery. With the bow and arrow in her hands she can lock multiple targets and kill them simultaneously.


A senior mage serving as a member of the Royal Guards. With his powerful magic, Harry.White can restrain his enemies from moving and strike destructive attack.


A young scientist deeply interested in inventing all kinds of weapons. The pistols made by Katie.Clarke herself can pour wild fire and continually cause huge damage to her enemies.


A clown devoted to bringing happiness to children. Proficient puppet skills enable Park.Veitch to master puppets at liberty, confusing and attacking his enemies.


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Source: SteamTrailers' YouTube Channel, Ancient Amuletor VR's Steam page, Ancient Amuletor VR's website