Black Shield Discovered For Windows Mixed Reality

The next VR game on the Windows Mixed Reality “Games & Entertainment” poster took a little detective work to figure out as there was just a logo with a skull on a shield but no text. However, I finally managed to discover that it’s an impressive-looking motion-controlled sci-fi FPS called Black Shield by the Chinese developer V-Sensory. You can watch a trailer for it above that includes some behind-the-scenes footage of the developers at work.

I couldn’t really find any more information about it beyond this short and slightly “engrish-y” description on the game’s Steam Greenlight page from when it was just a Vive game:


Black Shield is an AAA Sci-Fi VR game, with CG-leveled graphic quality, developed by Unreal Engine 4. Black Shield makes the most use of features of HTC Vive, which are helpful for players to interact with NPC in game. In order to win, when fighting, it’s important to dodge attacks as well as use weapons and special skills in time.
In the game world, the human being have the unity of all races, who has encountered the new life from the universe. And the human being is made up by three powers: Black Shield, White Helmet and Grey Robe. Each of those has iconic features of their own. And the story begins after the crash of interplanetary transport ships of Black Shield on the alien planet. The game character is from Black Shield.



I also found this footage of a very early demo of the Vive version of the game from last year:



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Source: V-Sensory's YouTube Channel, Black Shield's Steam Greenlight page, Li Jiaying's YouTube Channel