Bomb U! To Drop On Windows Mixed Reality

Another VR game featured on the Windows Mixed Reality “Games & Entertainment” poster is a motion-controlled PvP action game called Bomb U! from independent developer MNGOVR, which you can watch a trailer for above.

In Bomb U! each player stands on a platform consisting of 20 squares and has to walk around the platform in order to pick up various weapons including bombs, guns and maces in order to destroy the opponent’s platform’s squares and try to make the opponents fall through one of the holes they created before their opponent can do the same to them. The game can be played in either multiplayer or single-player with AI opponents.

Although it seems quite simplistic the Vive version of Bomb U! has already got mostly positive reviews on Steam, 34 positive and only 5 negative, so it could be quite fun. Plus it’s very cheap, at least it is on Steam and I expect it should be the same price on the Windows Store.

Here’s another trailer that’s a funny behind-the-scenes video of the original trailer:



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Source: MNGOVR's YouTube Channel