Yesterday we announced this new game, but now we have new and exciting information about it.


Realism of the gameplay was one of the main goals for Tecmo Koei:

Champion Jockey uses the motion control functionality of the Kinect […] to simulate the jockey experience with a high degree of accuracy and gameplay potential.  Players will learn how to use the horse’s reins and whip as well shifting their body-weight to ride their thorough-bred to victory.  In addition to controlling their horse, players must understand its unique rhythm, potential, stamina and preferred racing style to truly master the game.

For players looking for a more accessible experience, Champion Jockey will include control modes that tone down authenticity and maximize the physical, accessible fun of motion control. Champion Jockey will be a horse racing experience that everyone can enjoy.


Some nice features, such as Online multiplayer races and turf, dirt and night races:

Champion Jockey will also support a host of Network features – a large step-forward for horse racing video games. Online Multiplayer Races, Live Jockey Rankings and a range of DLC will be available to players.

European racecourses, with their natural twists and turns, together with steeplechases, are part of the show. In addition to traditional turf races, dirt races and night races complete the line-up for a total of 19 unique racecourse types.

Finally, Champion Jockey’s development team have put great effort into reproducing the European and Japanese horse racing world – incorporating both flat and jump racing. Players will feel the unique thrill of competing in detailed realizations of the European and Japanese horse racing worlds.

Champion Jockey Screenshots

They have just put a dedicated website online:, and if you’re near London note that this game will be playable at MCM London Expo this weekend (May 27th-29th).

Source: Tecmo Koei

Champion Jockey on XBOX 360, by Tecmo Koei
Game’s release status: Expected September 2011.
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