Cosmonaut Coming To Xbox One!

You may remember that last year independent developer Ground Control Studios announced a first-person space simulator with Kinect 2 and VR support for PC called Cosmonaut. Well, now I’m happy to report that Cosmonaut has been approved by ID@Xbox and is coming to Xbox One as well! The Xbox One version will have not only optional full Kinect 2 support but it will also support Xbox SmartGlass in some way. (No VR though, unless maybe if Microsoft announces a VR device for Xbox One before the game is finished.) They’re also hoping to make a Microsoft HoloLens version.

You can watch an old teaser above and read more info from the PC version’s Steam Greenlight page below, plus catch a very brief glimpse of the PC version of Cosmonaut in an overview video of Microsoft’s Game Dev Camp 2015 which was held in Portugal last weekend. We should have more Cosmonaut news soon so stay tuned!


COSMONAUT is a highly immersive First-Person Space Simulator. It combines a non-linear narrative, realistic graphics and highly detailed simulation to produce a thrilling experience.

COSMONAUT is a game about survival, exploration and cunning. Everything around you can kill you, the suit can get torn from shrapnel, your visor can break from impacts. Your fuel, oxigen and suit power are limited, so you must find ways to replenish them. On the other hand, most things around you are usable, so you must explore the environment to find tools, supplies and clues to unravel the plot.

Current feature set:

  • Explorable environment outside and inside a space station (matches 1/6 of the space compound for the game)
  • Use of tools to interact with the world (hammer to break things, blowtorch to cut through)
  • Replenish of supplies can be done from O2 tanks, Fuel tanks and batteries or from the EMU chairs of fallen comrades.
  • Death Conditions: impacts on visor, lack of O2.
  • Handicaps: lack of fuel will leave you stranded, lack of power will disable your navigation and illumination systems. O2 reduction will start to blur out your vision.
  • NPCs
  • Non-linear story engine implemented


  • Oculus Rift support: we currently support Oculus DK2
  • Microsoft Kinect support: we currently support Kinect v2.

The game is currently under heavy development and will be released as an early access game, since we need some resources to fund the rest of the project.

Our plan is as follows:

  • Main plot line consists of 15 acts, all of them non-linear and interconnected.
  • We will first release what we are currently working on: gameplay testing environment with all the assets and features for the final game.
  • Then we will start releasing the various acts.
  • Early access players will get to have a say on features, plot and some other aspects. So all of you can be a part of this game!
  • The acts can be tweaked and tuned during early access.
  • We can add more acts to the story and even different arcs, it will depend on the feedback from players.



Game Dev Camp 2015 Event Overview


Are you looking forward becoming a virtual cosmonaut on Xbox One or PC? Let us know in the comments below.




Source: Ground Control Studios' Twitter, Cosmonaut's Steam Greenlight page, Channel 9