Independent VR developer Stonebrick Studio has updated its very impressive-looking Minecraft-like building & crafting game, cyubeVR, with official Windows Mixed Reality support. cyubeVR is currently in Early Access and if you want to buy the game now it’s available to download from Steam and is normally priced at £15.49 (UK) / €19.99 (EU) / $19.99 (US), but if you’re quick you can get a 27% discount as it’s part of Steam’s VR Spring Sale so currently costs only £11.30 (UK) / €14.59 (EU) / $14.59 (US) until April 23rd.

You can watch a trailer for cyubeVR above and read more info about the game in the following description from its Steam page along with more news about the update:




cyubeVR (pronounced Cube VR) is a virtual reality voxel game fully designed for roomscale VR.


The world in cyubeVR is entirely procedurally generated.

Enter a seed or let the game generate one for you, and explore a unique and detailed infinite world that no one ever saw before.


Find your way through complex cave networks going deep into the ground, climb up huge hills to get a great view over the world or try to build yourself a way up to massive floating islands.

All of that fully optimized for roomscale VR to get you the most immersive experience possible.

There are no limits how far you can travel – your unique world is infinite in size.


Gather resources in the world and use those to build anything you have in mind. Allow your creativity and imagination to run free. Design a fortress on top of a mountain, construct a bridge to connect two floating islands or dig yourself deep into the ground and work on complex underground structures.

Experience a building system exclusively optimized for roomscale VR in a way that was never seen before.

Thanks to roomscale VR, even have a good conscience for the workout you did while you can marvel your new creations.


In VR there is no need for any UI, menus or buttons for crafting.

Just use your hands and naturally craft tools and other items directly in the world.



Update 17 is live! Official Windows Mixed Reality support, wood scaffolding block, wall mount for tools and more!

19 April – Stonebrick Studios

Hey everyone!

Update 17 is live, adding official support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets, a wood scaffolding block which makes building big things significantly easier and archery more interesting (read below why!), and a wall mount for tools which allows for some great decorations in your house!

As usual, here is a very quick overview of the new things added in this Update, with more details below:

– Added official support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets!
– Added wood scaffolding block. Definitely watch the gif below!
– Added wall mount for tools, using fully free placement on wall
– Made regular torch recipe always unlocked by default, same like Stone Axe and Stone Pickaxe
– Fixed crash that would happen when having more than 500 torches active
– Improved performance of having many open chests in the world
– Very significantly improved performance of having many torches in the world
– Disabled dynamic resolution in the main menu

Official Windows Mixed Reality Support!

Starting with this Update, cyubeVR has official support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets. This means you will see the Windows Mixed Reality controller models in the game and I have tested the controls a lot and optimized them for usage with Windows Mixed Reality controllers (if they are used).

The game was previously only marked as compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, starting with this Update the game is finally also marked as compatible with WMR on Steam!

Controls should feel perfect now with Windows Mixed Reality controllers, and if there is anything that you feel should be improved, definitely tell me about it! 🙂

Controls for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are not affected by this of course, the game automatically detects which headset you use.

Wood scaffolding block

There now is a wood scaffolding block in the game! It’s crafted with 8 wood and you get 32 scaffolding blocks, so you very easily get a lot of blocks to build with. It can be destroyed with a single hit of a copper axe, so when you no longer need it you can also very quickly get rid if it.

And the best thing about it is, you can shoot it with the bow and arrow to destroy the block!

With scaffolding, it can easily happen while building that you no are no longer able to reach far enough to be able to hit the block with an axe, so being able to destroy it with the bow and arrow makes a lot of sense here, and it’s also a lot of fun!

This also allows for building targets further away where it’s very easy to practice shooting with, since the effect that happens when you destroy a scaffolding block with an arrow is very visible even from far away. So you immediately see if the arrow hit the target without having to go there and look.

Wall mount

With Update 14, the great feature that tools are objects that can exist in the world, be saved and loaded and be grabbed at any time was added.

Now, you get a wall mount for the tools! This means you can grab any tool in the world and release it while holding it parallel next to the wall mount, and it will “snap” its location to the wall mount. The tool will keep exactly the rotation you released it with, so you can put tools with any rotation on the wall mount. You can then grab the tool at any time again from the wall mount and directly use it, or drop it somewhere else again.

The wall mount is placed with 100% free placement on the wall, so it doesn’t snap anywhere! You have complete freedom in where you place it. If you want to, you could place 5 wall mounts all on one side of a block. It’s even possible to place wall mounts on the ceiling and then attach tools there 🙂


The WMR support, wall mounts and wood scaffolding blocks have been in the beta branch of the game for a few days already and were tested by our great beta testers there! Thanks to those, you hopefully get fully stable updates in the stable branch of the game. If you also want to test new features earlier when they come out in the beta branch, make sure to join the official cyubeVR discord [] and take a look at the #beta-build-patch-notes and #beta-build-discussion channel!

That’s all for today! Thanks for caring about the game and as usually, make sure to report all issues you see and give me as much feedback as possible in the official forums or the official discord server []. If you don’t like something about the game, tell me there and I’ll try to improve it! I’m available to chat with anyone in discord.
If you like the game, don’t forget to tell other people about it and write a review on Steam if you haven’t done that already. Writing a review and spreading the word is the easiest way you can support the game!

Looking forward to hearing what you think about the new update 🙂




Do you like the look of cyubeVR and if so are you planning on buying it now or waiting until it’s out of Early Access? Have you bought it already or played it on another VR system and if so what do you think of it so far? Let us know in the comments below, or create a discussion in our (PC) Windows Mixed Reality VR Games forum. You can also write your own review of the game in our (PC) Windows Mixed Reality VR Game Reviews forum, but include (Early Access) in the title.


System Requirements


Processor: Intel i7 3xxx or Ryzen 5
Memory: 14 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 / AMD R9 390
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 12 GB available space


Processor: Intel i7 5xxx or Ryzen 7
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1080
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 12 GB available space



(Click on pics to enlarge.)

Source: cyubeVR's Steam page