People owning an XBOX Live Gold account can now download the Dance Masters Kinect game demo for free from Xbox Live! Should you only have an Xbox Live Free account than you unfortunately need to wait until next week before being able to download it, or get access to a Xbox Live Gold account.

Dance Masters Kinect Costumes

Besides this demo, Konami released free customs that are visible when dancing to the following songs:

  • Brilliant 2U
  • We Can Win The Fight
  • Crazy Control

There will also be a premium package for 180MS points available for download.

Dance Masters is similar to Dance Central and Dance Paradise (in that they are all dancing games). The game includes 30 tracks in a variety of genres. Be sure to grab a copy of this game right here, and support our work in the process.

What are your first impressions based on the demo? Here’s a Review of the full Kinect game.

Thanks TheZeeman for notifying us of the demo!