A few years ago Konami created Dance Dance Revolution: a big hit that would changed gaming forever. Now, it’s time for their upcoming Kinect game Dance Masters (or Dance Evovlution, depending on where you’re from) to take the dancing throne. This game is store).

Read on to see some footage fresh from the Tokyo Game Show 2010 floor.

Dance Masters/Dance Evolution Gameplay Videos

If, at Akihabara News, we’re not huge fan of this kind of dancing game, we have to admit the game is simply impressive. The webcam will perfectly catch your move that will make you feel like you were there. You can play up to 4 players (via Online play) that is perfect for people have a lot of fun when they have some friends at home. And you will also be able to record your routines, assign them to backup dancers, and watch the stage really come alive.

– Hands on by Akihabara News

Dance Masters/Dance Evolution Video #2

Dance Masters/Dance Evolution Video #3

So, are you convinced this dancing game by Konami may beat Dance Central? Expect more footage of people playing Kinect at the Tokyo Game Show 2010, tomorrow.