E3 2015: Draw A Stickman: EPIC Announced

At this year’s E3 independent developer Hitcents announced an Xbox One version of their puzzle & action-adventure game Draw A Stickman: EPIC, which is either a hybrid Kinect 2 game or possibly a full Kinect 2 game, I’ll post an update when I find out. You can watch the announcement trailer above and read more info about Draw A Stickman: EPIC from the following descriptions taken from the video’s description, the game’s official website and its Facebook:


Use Kinect to draw fire, weapons, and your stickman hero. Save your friend and defeat Zarp before it’s too late!


Get ready for the most creative stickmen adventure yet!

Draw a stickman and then guide him through a fantastic world where you have complete creative freedom.

Using an assortment of pencils, draw elements, tools, and weapons to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Draw a Stickman Epic combines adventure, puzzle, action, and creative thinking, like no game you’ve ever played before!


Draw a Stickman Epic is a game that is all about creativity. In fact, you begin the game by drawing your own hero! Gameplay is based on using various pencils provided to draw into existence tools and elements to help you overcome the obstacles that you may encounter.

Each new level presents you with new creative problems and puzzles. You will meet a fantastic assortment of imaginary creatures that will hinder, or help, your progress through the game.

Draw a Stickman Epic is so unique in its game play, instead of collecting items and hitting switches to progress through each level, you are in direct control over your surroundings through what you create with each new pencil given to you. Your own drawings come to life and help you on your quest!

We have pulled the best elements from many popular genres like RPG, adventure, and puzzle games to create an entirely new gaming experience. We don’t limit you to a single path to follow. Instead we drop your Stickman in the middle of an impossibly huge world where you are encouraged to explore and to create to complete your quest! There are many ways in which you can complete each level, each path taking you to a completely new area to explore.

To speed up development we created a specialized Hitcents “game engine.” Our engine allows us to design all of the animations, level layout, events, triggers, etc. using Adobe Flash and then export them to a proprietary format. That data is then interpreted by the cross-platform engine written in C# that runs on Mono or the .Net framework. The animators setup game events, define how drawings affect elements, and create interaction – all from within Flash. This allows us to rapidly develop large, complex new levels that run super-fast across multiple platforms.



Draw A Stickman: EPIC will be available to download on Xbox Live for Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing programme. A release date hasn’t been announced yet but hopefully it’s this year.

Are you looking forward to Draw A Stickman: EPIC? Let us know in the comments below.




Source: The Official Xbox YouTube Channel, Draw A Stickman: EPIC website, Draw A Stickman: EPIC Facebook Via: ID@Xbox