Windows Mixed Reality‘s next VR game from the “Games & Entertainment” poster is independent developer Coatsink Software’s first-person puzzle game Esper. It has already been released for Oculus Rift and Gear VR, so you can watch the trailer for that version above and read more information about the game in this description from the official website:



Esper is a first-person VR puzzle game set in 1975. Certain members of the public begin to display extra-sensory abilities and, in the interests of national security, the government panic and start forcing citizens to undergo aptitude tests.

As one of these people, you’ll be ‘encouraged’ by a contractor of the government to prove you’re not a threat. Put your wits to the test and use the power of telekinesis to make it through the trial so you can leave… safely?



Are you intrigued by this mysterious puzzle game? Have you played Esper on another VR system already and if so what did you think? Let us know in the comments below or create a discussion in our (PC) Windows Mixed Reality VR Games forum.



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Source: Coatsink Software's YouTube Channel, Esper website