Independent VR developer Luminous4D has released the impressive-looking Essence Of Illumination: The Beginning for Windows Mixed Reality. It’s the first episode of an episodic underwater adventure game and normally costs £6.69 (UK) / €7.99 (EU) / $7.99 (US), but is currently on sale for the weekend for only £4.19 (UK) / €4.99 (EU) / $4.99 (US).

You can watch a trailer for Essence Of Illumination: The Beginning above and read more info in the following description from its Windows Store page:


Essence Of Illumination: The Beginning


In this relaxing, mesmerizing, and exciting underwater experience, you will explore an ancient world of a lost civilization. You will be guided by the Goddess who’s light and magic clears the dark matter, brings back the fairies and opens the hidden gate.

This is a visually captivating game for the whole family, and just the beginning of the journey starting with this first episode with many to come in this series.

With 30-years of experience in developing 3D visual effects, Joshua Nelson is leading his team at Luminous4D, bringing the tales of this immersive fantasy to life.

Version notes

Version number: Varies by device

We anticipate releasing new episodes every 3-4 months, this will be dependent on the response, enthusiasm and feedback from the community. We plan to continue develop each episode after it is released, so to stay fresh with the evolution of available hardware & software. Once purchased you will have access to all the updates for the life of the episode.

February 2018, we will be providing “low / high” graphics options, currently release supports “high”, and requires a moderately powerful computer. If you experience slow performance, we encourage you to send us feedback on our website.

Those who embrace the adventure early with us will have a chance to seeing their story ideas and creative input unfold for the whole community see, play and enjoy. We will give credit to the people whose ideas we incorporate into what is sure to be an epic adventure!

We are hiring! If you think you have what it takes to be a part of building quality and technically challenging experiences for a wide audience, we encourage you to visit our website and drop a note so we can get to know you.



Are you interested in going on an underwater VR adventure with Essence Of Illumination? Have you bought it already and if so what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below, or create a discussion in our (PC) Windows Mixed Reality VR Games forum. You can also write your own review of the game in our (PC) Windows Mixed Reality VR Game Reviews forum.


System Requirements


Processor: i5
Memory: 6 GB
Graphics: GTX 980
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 12 GB available space


Processor: i7
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: GTX 1080
DirectX: DirectX 12 API, Hardware Feature Level 11
Storage: 12 GB available space



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Source: Essence Of Illumination: The Beginning's Windows Store page