It’s pet-time! After earlier this week the Kinectimals demo released for Xbox Live Gold users, Fantastic Pets’ demo has just been released on Xbox Live! Fantastic Pets is the first Kinect game to include augmented reality, check after the jump for more info on this Kinect game, or simply download the demo (link provided after the jump).

Download Fantastic Pet Demo

You may download the demo to your Xbox 360 right here (first week requires Xbox Live Gold, after that you can also download it via Xbox Live Free). Feel free to browse additional info we gathered on this game below.

  • Fantastic Pets
    • Family / Pet game, expected to be available April 15th, 2011, by THQ and Blitz Games Studios
    • The only pet genre video game on the market that allows players to custom create, collect and interact with unlimited varieties of different animals including cats, dogs, lizards, & horses by using a wide array of cutting edge & user-friendly design menu options.

Any first impressions? Should you like the demo, then know that the game is only $37.99 at on, while usually it will put you back $49.99: use it to your advantage while it lasts!