FitURight is a virtual dressing room app being developed for PC using Kinect For Windows v2 or the Xbox One’s Kinect 2 with an adapter. You can watch a trailer for the beta version above. As you can see in the trailer it differs from other virtual dressing rooms in that you don’t stand in front of Kinect and see how clothes approximately fit on you. Instead you get someone else to scan your whole body, 360 degrees, using Kinect hand-held to create a more accurate body scan. Then this model of your body is used to try on clothes. It’s not just static though, FitURight can actually animate your body’s model so you can see not only how clothes fit while standing still but also while moving like walking for example, as you can see halfway through this second video:



Here’s more information from the description on the website, including a link to download the beta version (click on “Learn how”):



Size recommendations to match your fit preference.

Buying clothes online is about to get a lot easier.

Choose the clothes you want and let FitURight do all the work to pick the size that fits you. FitURight lets you virtually try-on different clothing models and sizes on an avatar of your actual body (not just an approximation). You can visually inspect if the fit is too loose, too tight, or just about right, as your avatar moves around in a virtual environment.

It is all about you. The whole you.

FitURight analyzes the individual shape and proportions of your body to provide meaningful recommendations that will fit well on you. Your avatar is created using inexpensive handheld 3D scanners from the comfort and privacy of your home. At the end of a scan session, FitURight automatically builds an accurate 3D model of your body and extracts several tailor-like measurements.

Reduce returns. Increase your satisfaction.

Knowing the clothing size on its own is not enough to determine a good fit. FitURight is working on a suite of tools to help retailers create 3D models of clothes from their corresponding 2D patterns. This build process captures all the details and nuances of a clothing design. You can try-on these 3D models on your avatar. FitURight uses the material properties of the fabric to calculate the clothing dynamics in real-time, as your body moves through the virtual environment.

A service you can count on.

FitURight will be released as an ad-free software service to consumers. We pledge to keep your (encrypted) information private, stored only on your local computer device. You will always have full control of who has access to your data.

Help FitURight fit you. Sign up for open Beta.

Be part of the community that is helping FitURight improve its recommendation engine. FitURight Beta version is available to download for free now. Learn how …



Currently FitURight isn’t supported by any retail stores, however they plan to get support when they finish the app and have created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund development. The Kickstarter campaign runs until Friday November 3rd and if you want to back it you can pledge any amount, but $10 will get you a special thanks credit, $25 will get you special thanks plus a 1 year consumer services subscription and $50 will get you special thanks plus a 2 year subscription. You can click on the Kickstarter widget below to go to the campaign for the full details:


UPDATE: Although it’s currently PC only there may be a Xbox One version released later if there’s demand for it.

Are you interested in FitURight? Are you planning to back the Kickstarter or have you backed it already? Let us know in the comments below or discuss it in the forum post about it.



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Source: FitURight website, Murilo Coutinho's YouTube Channel, FitURight Kickstarter
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