A company called Fresvii have started a Kickstarter campaign for a project they’re working on called Frenbee, a trailer for which you can watch above. It’s initially an avatar-based dancing social community project for mobile devices and PCs where you can create your “Frenbee” and use Kinect to create mini dance routines via motion capture and share them with your friends, as you can see in the following video:

They’re also planning on eventually using Frenbees in future games:

We are planning to develop other games. You will be able to use your Frenbee in these games as well. Be a part of building our reputation with our first release of Frenbee.

Our Challenge/Goal

Other avatar services are fun and exciting. However they are exclusive to their systems and/or games.

Our challenge/goal is to be able to make an avatar service that is open to all devices, OS systems, and games.

We want people all around the world to use this platform to express their creativity.

Here’s even more info about Frenbee from Fresvii:

AIM FOR THE TOP STAR! Enjoy creating your own Frenbee. Teach it how to dance then share your shows with your friends.

What is Frenbee?

Frenbee is a mythical alien creature that loves dancing and playing games. They came to your smartphone world from a planet 20 light years away called Alima-75A. You can enjoy creating your own Frenbee and also enjoy teaching it how to dance. Share your show with your friends and other users. (Right now Frenbee likes living in the Android system only, but soon Frenbee will want to come live in the iOS version too.)

Customize your Frenbee and upload your Show to Get YouRock!

Customize your Frenbee then personalize it with your favorite song and dance moves. Your Frenbee will start dancing when you play your favoite song. You can record and upload the dance your frenbee does and share it with your friends as a “Show”, You can also view other Frenbee and vote “YouRock!” (the YouRock! button is like the “like” button on facebook).
Your Frenbee will be ranked, not to mention the awards that you might achieve with all the “YouRock!” votes. As you collect “YouRock!” votes your Frenbee will learn more cool dance moves.

The dances that you create are called Shows. If you like another Frenbee’s Show you can make them your “Star”. Once you register someone as your Star you will receive updates on the “New Shows Timeline” every time that Frenbee uploads a Show. When someone registers you as a Star they will become your “Fan”(this is like the “Follow” and “Follower” system on Twitter).  Try and collect as many Fans as you can with your awesome Shows!

What do we want to do with Frenbee

In this world there are many different types of people with different talents and hobbies.

  • People that are good at fashion and cosmetics
  • People that lead the fashion world and start the next fad
  • People that are good at dancing
  • People that are good with music
  • People that are knowledgeable about music

We want to bring all those people together and create a community where everyone can enjoy and share their creativeness. We will provide an easy way for people to share those creativeness.

Production and Release Plan for Frenbee

Exclusive beta for Android: End of Nov-middle of Dec 2012. There will be no shop with the beta release. Enjoy playing the core system and give us feedback on the dancing and community portion of the game.

Frenbee for Android: End of Jan 2013. Version1.0 will have all the features including the in-game shop for items. Enjoy playing the full version of Frenbee!

Frenbee for iOS: Available in 2013, this will be the full version as well.

Frenbee for PC: Available in 2013, this will be the full version as well.

System Requirements

Android OS : 2.3 (Gingerbread) / 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
GPU : Adreno 205 or Higher / PowerVR SGX 530 or Higher / Tegra2 or Higher / Mali-400MP4 or Higher

For more information please visit our Web site and Facebook page :

They’re also making what they call a “Hologram Stand“:


Source: Frenbee Kickstarter page, Frenbee Fresvii YouTube Channel, Fresvii.com
Thanks to 123KINECT visitor Hiro Nakagawa for submitting this news!