At the ID@Xbox Showcase during this year’s GDC Giant Bomb interviewed Through Games’ Producer and Co-Level Designer Mattia Traverso about the forthcoming innovative hybrid Kinect 2 puzzle-platformer FRU. You can watch the interview above and the video should start at the FRU interview but if it doesn’t then the interview is at 07:47 if you want to skip to it, but the rest of the video is worth watching for the non-Kinect ID@Xbox games too.

Please note that most of the footage of FRU is from the Global Game Jam 2014 version which used the original Kinect and was made in just 48 hours. You can see the Xbox One‘s Kinect 2 version in the background during the interview but even that is just a very early version as they’re going to add a lot more to it, including mulitplayer, as you can hear in the interview.


ID@Xbox: The Power Of Inependent Developers

Mattia Traverso and FRU also appear in Microsoft’s “ID@Xbox: The Power Of Independent Developers” video which you can watch below:





Source: Giant Bomb's YouTube Channel, The Official Xbox YouTube Channel
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