Infinity Blade Saga Officially Announced!


Thanks to Twitter user and Xbox fan lifelower (@lifelower) we can now see a little bit of Infinity Blade Saga in action as they have uploaded a video of it being played at the Tencent Games Carnival, which you can watch above. (Do not adjust your volume, the video has no audio.)

At the Tencent Games Carnival in Shanghai the Chinese developer and publisher Tencent Games officially announced Infinity Blade Saga, the recently rumoured Infinity Blade Kinect 2 game for Xbox One.

NeoGAF member Gskyace translated some of the details from the Chinese website A9VG which revealed that:

  • Infinity Blade Saga is co-developed by Tencent Games and Epic Games
  • It includes almost all the stages from the original iOS versions of the Infinity Blade trilogy but with a more guided storyline.
  • The Kinect controls are actually optional and it’s playable with a joypad too.
  • There’s a demo available that’s playable with Kinect 2. (Although it’s unclear if they just mean the demos at the show or if there’s actually a demo available on Xbox Live in China.)
  • Tencent Games have a long-term developing plan for Infinity Blade Saga and it could be F2P. (Free-to-play.)
  • They plan to release it in China before or after the Chinese Lunar New Year, depending on the government approval process going smoothly.

There’s no mention of a release outside of China, but since Infinity Blade is a popular franchise worldwide and Tencent have a 40% stake in Epic Games, whose development studio Chair Entertainment made the previous Infinity Blade games, I wouldn’t be surprised if Epic announce that they will be publishing it in other countries in the not too distant future.

Hopefully more details and a trailer will appear soon, but until then you can see the first screenshots of Infinity Blade Saga below. Just click on the pics for larger and less compressed images:






Source: NeoGAF, A9VG, Sina, lifelower's YouTube Channel Via: lifelower's Twitter