We all know that Kinect can help to lose weight, get fit and tone your body. Still, with all the different games that are around it’s hard to get an overview of what your overall performance is if you mix and match various Kinect titles. Well, Microsoft has thought of this problem and seems to be coming with the solution: Kinect Play Fit!

Kinect Play Fit

Now this is all still a bit of a rumor, but The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is working on a dashboard update that includes cross-application exercise tracking. This means that you will be able to have one big dashboard in which you can see your performance across all the different games you are playing.

But it get’s even better! It seems that Microsoft is also going to release a heart-rate monitor (called Joule) accessory that connects to the Xbox wireless land makes sure that exercise are tailored towards your current heart-rate. What this means? Well, fitness activities and games will be optimized for your current goal and physical state and will ensure optimal realization of that goal! This is very cool stuff and pretty high-tech if it all works.

If this is all true we’re likely to hear a whole lot more about it at the upcoming E3, stay tuned!

Source: theverge