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Weight loss experience sharing

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Weight loss experience sharing
03-19-2015, 04:48 AM
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Weight loss experience sharing
The original poster is a very lazy person, in 2009, at that time my height 170, weight 115 jins, not fat, but because of the high, inactivity meat is loose, so it looks like a bit strong, but is still calculate symmetry.
In holiday friend bought medicine reducing weight, because buy more give me half, the young feel strong and just germination concept to lose weight, then secretly taking diet pills is, the beginning of the tragedy, medicine gets effective fast a month or so thin to 107 is an appetite suppressant,but look very ugly, but the smell of food want to vomit, then finished medicine, there is no effect of inhibiting smell what to eat is very sweet, feel life is full of hope, school lunches, is completely control appetite,For example: go to bed and roommate in the dormitory downstairs fried chicken shop to buy a fried chicken and lean meat balls, very greasy satiate sleep, lasted about half a month from 107 to 138 (a sudden fat when I haven't called fat) but really feel that life is hopeless, to look into the mirror feel very sick.
Years of experience I combined set weight loss plan, is to lose weight the method all know healthy appropriate melt together, the early half a cup of dilute brine, reduce appetite, NFAM, increase exercise, emetic ~

The early half cup of salt water: can Qingchang detoxification, I is the toilet is not normal, digest slowly people

Reduce the intake: take it easy, the landlord is probably three days, differ from man to man, for the chowhound, suddenly eat this need great willpower

Breakfast: eat a boiled egg maintains the spirit, is hungry to allow his eating half an apple with the

Lunch: two days before you can eat a little of his own to eat anything, don't be too to suppress their own, but with good, quantity control in a certain range, such as a piece of Steamed Rice probably eat egg size, really control don't live to eat, must be timely to urge spit, eat a little will keep is a criminal mentality, then success is in sight

Dinner: No way!! Can't eat anything!!
I was a day jins or so off weight at 8 days ago has just begun, but in the back two days, has been basically stable, probably one day 1 jins, does not have what change on the tenth day, because of excessive exercise and eat too little, people have a little wasted, then jump in front of have not see anything, so I stopped, and my weight has dropped to 105, feel good stability.

But just lean down appearance changes won't suddenly so big, should be at least maintained almost a month will obviously lost weight, this month can restore slowly over a bit of food, start from light.

Just remember so much, have what problem, can discuss, can not be as thin as fast should be is to look at the health of individuals, I now false what is normal, look Ye Hao, is more than ever to eat but seems to have become easy to lean body mass, eat a lot of also not fat, but to lose weight the psychology is very important in the process of, must convince myself I believe I can do!!!
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04-01-2015, 09:02 AM
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RE: Weight loss experience sharing
It is really effective!
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05-07-2016, 06:07 AM (This post was last modified: 05-07-2016 06:09 AM by eloiselopez.)
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RE: Weight loss experience sharing
Weight loss is just not an easy task. You must have to put your mind into it. Successful weight loss requires consistency and determination in activities that will make you lose weight. Otherwise there are many weight loss centres available that offers variant plans and many more hints about rapid and permanent weight loss at nuez-dela-india.com. My neighbour had lost many kgs without doing an exercise and diet. She looks very fit and active now.
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07-19-2017, 02:08 PM
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RE: Weight loss experience sharing
2 years ago I was a fat guy weighted over 240 lbs. Then one of my friend came to me after long time and he motivated me to lose extra weight. After that day i started doing exercises everyday. I joined gym also and perform all the weight loss exercises like running, weight lifting exercises etc. I went for swimming also that also helped to shed those extra kilos in a healthy way. However it was not easy for me especially at the starting. I was unable to move my body parts like legs, arms etc. when i started working out but after some point of time i used to all of it. Now i am 195 lbs with healthy BMI (Body Mass Index). You can also lose weight ndf for this you all need to be strong from mind and body.
For more information visit this blog as i also find the perfect way to lose weight from this blog. GenericViagraSafe.Com Online pharmacy.
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10-26-2017, 09:40 AM
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RE: Weight loss experience sharing
For losing weight, motivation and concentration are the most important things. You should try following methods for weight loss:
• Early morning exercise
• Drink Green tea.
• Drink water before meals.
• Eat healthy food.
People also get affected by the sleeping disorders at it also causes your body fitness. Many people with sleep problems suffer from weight gain, nervousness, daytime sleep, and sleep attacks etc. For the treatment of those problems, many specialist suggest Modafinil 200mg pill, which is approved by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration).
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