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January 10, 2012

We feel this is a great time to do a different poll every day on getting the best of Kinect in 2011. Our visitors, so YOU, can vote […]

May 5, 2011
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The second part of Higher Learning DLC for Body and Brain Connection is available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace.

March 24, 2011

Namco Bandai just released an upcoming add-on pack for Dr.Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises exclusively on Xbox 360’s Kinect! Besides the released Higher Learning I […]

February 20, 2011

Dr. Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises has recently been launched on Xbox Kinect so this is a good time to learn more about how the […]

February 14, 2011
Kinect Achievements for Body and Brain Connection

Those wanting to try Body and Brain, the first of many for the second wave of Kinect games, can now download the demo from XBL.  […]

February 12, 2011
Kinect Achievements for Body and Brain Connection
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Only recently Body and Brain connection (also known as: Dr. Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises) was released. Should you have tried some of the exercises then […]

February 10, 2011

Dr Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises, the game that will train your brain and body with a wide array of challenging mini games, is out […]

December 17, 2010
Kinect Brain Training

  Dr. Kawashima’s Body and Brain exercises, let’s just call it Kinect Brain Training, has just gotten its first real announcement trailer! This Kinect Game […]

December 5, 2010

Dr. Kawashima and his Brain Training game was the hit that made the Nintendo DS immensely popular. Now, the same thing could happen with Kinect, […]

September 17, 2010
Braing Training Kinect

Published by Namco Bandai, the game is an all-new take on “brain training” as made famous by Tokyo University Professor “Dr. Ryuta Kawashima” and his […]

Kinect Brain Training
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Professor Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises to be released “early next year”. Microsoft has announced the Kinect iteration of Brain Training will hit Europe in Q1 […]

September 8, 2010
New Brain Training: Answer With Your Body

In 2005, Nintendo published Nintendo DS game “Brain Age” in Japan, a title that claimed it could train players’ brains. In 2010, Microsoft’s Kinect is […]

February 19, 2010

Review misses some pictures, but text is there. Please bare with us as we are currently in a migration process of all the reviews. Body […]