EA Sports Active 2.0

a.k.a. EA Sports Active 2
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EA Sports Active 2.0 Kinect Game
  • Release: Available Worldwide
    16 November, 2010
    19 November, 2010
    ESRB: Everyone (E)
    Creator(s): Electronic Arts, EA Canada

EA Sports Active 2.0 Screenshots

EA Sports Active 2.0 News

January 3, 2013
Comments Off on Xbox LIVE Rewards Kinect Promotion (Fitness)

Microsoft have just announced a new Xbox LIVE Rewards promotion for certain Kinect fitness, dancing and sports games.

May 24, 2011
Comments Off on Kinect Sports back in UK Xbox 360 Top 10

Kinect Sports is the only Kinect-only game still present in the all-formats UK sales. Among Xbox 360 software sales, Kinect games did much better.

January 22, 2011
EA Sports Active 2.0 DLC

For those of you who enjoyed EA Sports Active 2.0 but found it too heavy, we have good news! EA Sports Active 2.0 has DLC […]

January 1, 2011

UPDATE 2013: Since we wrote this post in 2011 Kinect is still going strong as the number one way to make weight loss fun and […]

November 17, 2010

Review misses some pictures, but text is there. Please bare with us as we are currently in a migration process of all the reviews. EA […]

November 16, 2010
EA Sports Active 2.0 DLC

EA sports Active 2.0 EA Sports Active 2.0 available now! (release date: November 16th, 2010), by Electronic Arts (EA Sports) [news] [trailer] [gameplay] [screenshots] [preview] [review] [achievements] […]

EA Sports Active 2 Achievements

EA Sports Active 2.0, a Kinect Fitness game that just released in the US deserves its achievements. Most of them are progress achievements, but it […]

November 9, 2010
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October 22, 2010
Kinect Xbox Videos

Kinect’s EA Sports Active 2 provides you a real workout through an interactive fitness program. You can have now the best gym right in your […]

October 18, 2010

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October 4, 2010

EA Sports Active 2 is a casual way to get serious about fitness. As such, it comes with a stretch band for strength training and […]

September 9, 2010
EA Sports Active 2 Kinect

EA Sports Active 2 (review | order here) for Kinect may solve a problem for those of us who just cannot motivate themselves in working […]

June 18, 2010
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