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January 3, 2013
Comments Off on Xbox LIVE Rewards Kinect Promotion (Fitness)

Microsoft have just announced a new Xbox LIVE Rewards promotion for certain Kinect fitness, dancing and sports games.

January 4, 2012

The upcoming week, we will do a different poll every day on getting the best of Kinect in 2011. Our visitors, so YOU, can vote […]

November 15, 2011
Comments Off on Michael Phelps: Push the Limit demo is available now

You didn’t buy Michael Phelps: Push the Limit yet? Then this is a good time to try out the game and decide whether you like it […]

October 31, 2011
Comments Off on Swimming fan? Check out this Michael Phelps interview!

We might be a little bit late with this news but we still wanted to share it with you because it’s an interesting video. In […]

October 17, 2011

It seems the video game industry either doesn’t want to waste time with this game because of the name/type and labelling it as immediately garbage, […]

October 16, 2011

Michael Phelps’ swimming game: “Michael Phelps Push the Limit” is out in all regions now and this is celebrated with an upbeat launch trailer starring […]

October 14, 2011
Comments Off on Out Today: Michael Phelps Push the Limit (UK/Europe)

Today is a good day for European gamers as yet another Kinect game gets released: Michael Phelps – Push the Limit. Three days ago the […]

October 11, 2011

Today, Michael Phelps Push the Limit gets released in North America. Are you a swimmer or do you just want to compete against an Olympic […]

September 23, 2011

505 Games has released a new trailer showing one of the swimming matches and how to play it. From the looks of it, there may […]

September 12, 2011

Learn the Kinect moves for playing Michael Phelps: Push the limit with this 8 steps guide.

August 30, 2011

The achievements for Michael Phelps: Push the Limit have been released. Push your limits to get these achievements!

June 17, 2011

Sure, there were some swimming games in the past, but with Xbox Kinect – even though you’re crawling on land – takes swimming games to […]

June 8, 2011

Microsoft just released the following video showing gameplay video for Kinect games that we did not see in action before. Sit back, relax and enjoy […]

May 6, 2011

Check out the game features, screenshots and official Box art for Michael Phelps: Push the Limit!

February 2, 2011
Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

Yesterday, there was Gun Stringer, today it is Michael Phelps‘ day. Earlier today, publisher 505 games called his swimming game ‘a perfect fit for Kinect‘, […]

Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

  In an interview with USA Today, Michael Phelps – an outstanding swimmer who won a record eight gold medals in Beijing in 2008 – unveiled a […]

October 14, 2010

On the GameStop website the following game was added to the Kinect arsenal: Michael Phelps: Push Limit. The Kinect game ($49.99) will be published and […]