Louvre Museum is using Xbox 360 Kinect in an exhibit entitled “Spotlight on the Antinoe veil”.

The Antinoe veil is a furnishing fabric dating from the 4th century AD. It is decorated with scenes from the life of Dionysos, the son of Zeus and the mortal Semele. But this artwork is very delicate and quite difficult to read.

– Marion Benaiteau, Louvre communications officer

Kinect is being used so that viewers can manipulate the veil without touching the actual fabric. Furthermore, the exhibit features high definition videos which can be picked by the viewers (using Kinect) to watch the veil’s narratives projected over the veil itself.

Each part of the veil can be explored: The childhood of Dionysos, the vegetal frieze, the Dionysiac procession.The visitor can also reach the original colour of the veil. The Kinect technology allows the museum to have this interaction without touch contact.

– Marion Benaiteau

When approached to comment about the usage of Kinect in Louvre Museum, Microsoft said:

While we’re not familiar with this particular Kinect for Windows application, Microsoft’s industry partners continue to create innovative solutions and we’re excited the Kinect for Windows technology continues to provide industry leaders with the tools to create and transform touch-free experiences.

– Microsoft

Source: Arcade sushi, Polygon