Double Fine Productions have released the sequel to their Double Fine Happy Action Theatre, called simply Kinect Party, on XBLA and it will be FREE until December 31st! So what are you waiting for? Get it now!! 😀 (Remember to download not only the 575.51MB main game but also the 108KB unlock key.)

Here’s more info:

What happens if you don’t get Kinect Party during the free December 18-31 period?

The original Double Fine Happy Action Theater (HAT) was 18 channels. The new Kinect Party (KP) is 36 channels, 18 of which were from the original HAT.

If you download Kinect Party during the holiday promotion, you get full use out of all 36 channels (which includes the original 18 channels from HAT). This means that HAT is redundant. So if you didn’t buy HAT and just got Kinect Party, you’ll have all of HAT’s content.

If you download Kinect Party after the holiday promotion and you do not own HAT, you get free access to 5 specific channels. But if you own the original HAT, you will have the 18 channels from HAT and the 5 new KP channels.

If you download KP after the holiday promotion, it will cost $10 to unlock everything in KP. But if you own HAT, it will cost $5 to unlock everything in KP. But if you only want to purchase specific channels in KP, each channel will cost $1.

Holiday Promotion

The entire unlocked game with all 36 channels are free through Dec. 31st 2012!!!

Post Holiday Pricing

The Kinect Party base download is Free! Download it from XBLA and get all this instantly:

  • Chop Master (pictured at top), Monster Attack, Costume Party, Balloons and Future Booth
  • Facebook functionality
  • Photo Editing
  • Owners of Happy Action Theater get all of the original channels unlocked

After the holiday promotion, the game will cost

  • $10 to unlock everything
  • $5 to unlock everything for owners of Double Fine Happy Action Theater
  • $1 to unlock any individual channel




Source: Doube Fine Productions' YouTube Channel, Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Co-Optimus
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