Another re-review, this time for the good ole’ Carnival Games title. If you still haven’t played this one or heard of it, here’s the short summary:

Pesky controllers getting in the way of winning that over-sized stuffed animal?  Now you can stroll down the midway with full-motion control as Carnival Games:  Monkey See, Monkey Do comes to Kinect. This collection features 20 carnival  favorites chosen specially for Kinect. Play the Ring Fling, dive into the Shark  Tank, ride down Gold Rush Mountain, throw Pop Darts, and more. You’ll also find  Boardwalk favorites like the Strength Test, Wheel of Chance, and Golden Arm.  Dress your avatar in 40 fun outfits fit for the occasion, including flying bear  and robot cowboy looks. You can even use the Kinect’s voice recognition to have  your future told by The Amazing Wodin.


This one was just a mini-game compilation consisting of 20 different mini-games. They are decent enough for more than one person or whole family, but sticking with single player will leave a somewhat sour taste in your mouth. The controls work well, there’s just not a lot to this one. At one point, this game was arriving with a new Xbox, so many people may have this one already.

The Menu

The menu is very simple, I’m assuming it was made this way for younger ones since that is what the game is geared to. In the beginning, you can either Start or Exit. Going to start gives you access to some signs. The signs are basically the categories for all of the mini-games. There are 5 signs giving you your 20 mini-games, which consist of Coaster Corner, Launchpad Lane, Carousel Junction, Whirligig Way and Tea Cup Court. If you purchased the add-on DLC you will see them listed here. There’s also an option to return to the start or go to the prize booth which I’ll get into later. There are 4 signs right away and if you choose the “Spin Sign” option, it shows the other 4 slots in case you missed it. Anyhow, I’ll break each category and mini-game down.

Coaster Corner

Gold Rush Mountain
This one is kind of strange to me. You ride a rollercoaster and have these wands in both hands. You have to use the wands to collect gold coins, but touching red stars reduce your points. Sometimes it goes really fast and it’s hard to collect them. That’s really all there is to it, here’s a video of it below:

Hot Air Balloon Race
This one is like pumping an air pump, with a little bit of strategy involved. Kids seem to love this one as they pump like crazy, maybe it’s just pure fun, but for adults as long as you go big and slow, it works much better. Here’s a video of it:

Wheel of Chance
This is kind of like the Price is Right wheel, although you win tickets, instead of moving onto the showcase. This one does cost tickets to play. Anyhow, there are some gameplay elements to it, as when you spin, if you win a ticket amount, that amount is then replaced with skulls for the next spin, if you attempt to spin again. You can walk away any time, it is basically a chance game though. The video probably explains it better:

Funnel Cake Falls
This one is neat, although its pretty tough. You have a plate and everyone’s favorite monkey is going nuts and dropping funnel cakes on you. Your goal is to catch and balance as many as you can. The controls do work very well for this one. Here’s the video of it:

Launchpad Lane

Rocket To Mars
This one is a weird leaning game. I suppose its good for the family, but I didn’t get much enjoyment out of it in single player mode. You control a rocket by leaning with your arms and your objective is to get to Mars. There really isn’t much to it, here’s the video of it:

Crash-Test Dummy
This one is basically a hole-in-the-wall clone, although the point system is crafty in my opinion. The more blocks that you cover with your body, the more points you obtain, but black blocks will decrease your score. It can get competitive with other people, but single player is not as fun. Here’s a video of it:

Alley Ball
The infamous alley ball game. It works very well actually probably because its simple and straight to the point. Check out the video of it below:

Pop Darts
This is a weird one, it’s your balloon dart popping carny game, although its modified where you have to hit these little bull’s-eyes which can become quite cumbersome. The video does a better job of explaining it:

Carousel Junction

Ring Fling
This is your typical ring toss carny game, although its modified as well. With each toss, the outer row of pegs disappear making it quite challenging. You can view the video of it below:

Amazing Wodin
This is like the fortune-teller machines except its more interactive. It’s quite good for the little ones as they love talking to him. You can pick what you want you to do with him, although this one does cost you tickets to play. I didn’t realize I didn’t my Kinect microphone on when I made this video so I had to use the normal gestures, check it below:

Shark Tank
This is your dunk tank but its a little more challenging and there isn’t any trash talking from the person being dunked. When you get in a posture to throw the ball, this target zips across and you have to time it correctly. It can become frustrating because it seems there a slight latency issue with the throwing games so timing it requires a little extra practice. Here’s a video of it below:

Pig Race
This is some strange pig racing game. Kids love it however and it’s probably more fun with more players. I’m not very good at it, but here’s a video of it anyway:

Whirligig Way

Monkey See Monkey Do
This is the dancing mini-game that kids seem to go crazy over. It’s basically a red-light green-light type of game, when the monkey is dancing, you can do whatever and score points. When he stops, you have to match his pose. It is quite accurate though so it doesn’t make for a bad game. Here’s a video of it:

Down The Stretch
This is the normal horse racing game found everywhere basically. You roll the balls and get them into the holes to make your horse go race. It’s actually quite a fun one, the video shows it better:

Strength Test
This is your tough guy game where you hit as hard as you can. It’s kind of strange though as I don’t think it actually measures your strength. You just have to time it correctly with the bar on the side. The video shows it better:

Knockout Punch
This one is probably the most active one out of all of them. It’s using a simple 1-2-down formula to punch left, right or duck with a robot. It’s pretty boring with single player but competing with other people makes it more enjoyable. Here’s a video of it:

Tea Cup Court

Court King
This is your normal basketball game where the rim is rigged and you barely get any balls in. It’s quite fun though I do have to admit and it was actually designed very well. Check out the video of it:

Granny Shot
This is a weird one in my opinion. You have to granny shot all kinds of different items but I really think it’s based on luck and not skill. To this day, I still can not get any of the heavy objects through the basket. Anyhow, here’s a video of the gameplay:

Golden Arm
This is your knock the milk bottles down type of game, except from what I gathered, you only have to do something to the golden bottle to get bonus points. It uses the crazy aiming system again but it’s not too bad of a game. You can view the video below:

Hitting Streak
This is like a batting cage but with a very arcade atmosphere to it. It actually works really well as long as you time it correctly. The video explains it better though, see below:

Prize Booth

The only other area to the game is the prize booth where you get to spend all of your tickets. Unfortunately the only prizes are clothing and items of the sort for your avatar in-game. It probably would have been more rewarding if you could use tickets to unlock other games or even other modes of the mini-games that you play, but it’s straight to the point. There are 4 different prize booths you can visit which are Sinister Sales, Discount Dave’s, Sally’s Stuff and Barker’s Best.


Unfortunately that’s all there really is to the game, not anything more, not anything less. Since this one has been out for a while you can pick it up at a very low price, especially if you prefer the downloaded version. The retail physical copy is still up there, but it won’t break you if you want to get this one. The graphics are very cartoonish, and Barker’s voice gets annoying, but it’s definitely geared towards kids. This is one of those titles that it is what it is.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do
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