Kinect Adventures – The good

  • Controls are very accurate, uses everything that Kinect offers
  • Quite a few things to unlock to give you somewhat of a replay value
  • Kids are amazed with this game, adults find it intriguing
  • Takes in game photos that you can share with family & friends

Kinect Adventures – The not so good

  • The 5 mini games become quite repetitive over time, there are different “levels” as it calls them, but it’s the same concept over and over
  • The default avatars used are the built in ones, everytime you turn off the game and turn on to play it again, you have to reselect your avatar if you want them in the game
  • A lot of “clicking” to keep continuing – any game that makes you confirm to go to the next level several times is a nuisance
  • You are stuck with this game currently, there is no way to not have it

Kinect Adventures – Kinect experience
I do have to say, this is one of the titles that will test a lot of body parts that you didn’t know you had. It makes you jump, lean side to side, hit balls with your fists, legs and head – I even think I belly bounced a dodge ball – and duck as well. They also utilized every option that kinect can do, including using the microphone to record your voice and it even alters it. The kids found this very amusing.

Kinect Adventures – Graphics
The graphics are on par with the current Kinect titles. It does have more of a childish atmosphere, but it is still quite fun to play.

Kinect Adventures – Gameplay
The concept of the games are fun, however they are repetitive and this can become cumbersome to those who are bored easily. The controls are top notch though.

Kinect Adventures – Multiplayer options
I have not played multiplayer yet so unfortunately I cannot comment on this.

Well, you are stuck with it, but it is a good title to keep around when you want to show off the full potential of Kinect. Possibly if they add new “adventures” as DLC it could become a popular game, but no more mini-games! Make a real adventure are my thoughts, something like Indiana Jones would be cool to me Smile

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of Kinect Adventures
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