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Kinect Sports – The good

  • Good mix of mini-games to play by yourself or with friends
  • Interesting that a non-licensed sports game plays real song bits similar to real stadiums/sporting events, yet licensed sports games have trouble with this
  • Controls are spot on once again
  • Graphics are crisp and not too cartoony even though you are using avatars

Kinect Sports – The not so good

  • Add more mini-games, but no one knows if Kinect games require more space or not, so that may have been all that could fit.
  • Bowling is a little quirky, as I think it guesses when you want to release the ball, as one of my balls actually made a hole on the bowling lane which I haven’t even seen in real life.

Kinect Sports – Kinect experience
This is another game that makes you use every bone in your body, however it’s about 10 times worse than any other game I have played so far. Worse could be a good thing for you, but I am somewhat in shape and this game kicked my ass. I did not find it using the microphone, however it does record “highlights” of your real performance and replays them as the sports highlights which can be humorous at times, but more often than not, you look like you are really playing that sport.

Kinect Sports – Graphics
The graphics are good for the backgrounds and everything, your avatars bring the HD level down a little bit however though.

Kinect Sports – Gameplay
This is one game that made me completely tired. I’ll try to go into detail about each of the mini games. First up, soccer.

Soccer is played as you basically playing as everyone on your team, but only the person that is closest to the ball. On offense, you pass the ball to each teammate, then assuming control over that teammate until you get close to the goal, then you get to kick it in. There are also different difficulty levels, I played on easy for all of them and even though I demolished the computer at most of the sports, it was still tiring. After you score or miss, you then switch to defense. It’s cool because you have to actually block them. I tend to rest my hands on my knees in a bent position and your avatar mimics this. If you put your arms up, so does your character, although I did block with my hands and was not called out on it.

Make sure you do have a little extra room though for this game, because kicking the ball depending on your leg length, may kick objects over and you are all over the place. It seems to measure velocity to me, I could be wrong, but if I barely kicked it, the ball barely moved.

Next was bowling. This is the only time the controls were quirky. It guesses when you let go of the ball to my knowledge, and it doesn’t always let go when you want it to and gutter balls become problemsome. You only play 10 frames, but its better than nothing. I do have to be honest though, Wii Bowling is better, not graphical wise, but functionality wise.

Next is volleyball. This sport kicks your ass. The controls are somewhat delayed, as I was able to kick the ball up with my heel on one set somehow. But even on easy, the computer is not easy. I have never volleyed as much in real life as this game makes you volley. It gets tiring because the majority of the time, your partner is only hitting the ball once, to set you up, and you are hitting twice, once to pass, then second to spike. And to spike you have to jump, so you are literally jumping about every 10 seconds or so which gets exhausting.

Next is track and field. It wasn’t challenging at all, you run in place for the dash and hurdles. The disc throw and javelin throw are pretty boring as well.

Boxing is awesome. The Wii boxing sucks compared to this. Once again, I believe it measures velocity because when I jabbed, it was like a love tap to the opponent, but when I really put some oomph into it, I knocked him silly. What’s really wierd is I was so tired nearing the end of the rounds I wanted to hug the opponent because I couldn’t swing anymore. I haven’t had that feeling ever with a boxing game. Boxing is only 3 rounds, but seriously I don’t know if I would of been able to handle any more rounds than that. I was about to just quit near the end of round 3.

Lastly, is table tennis or ping pong. This is very cool. Supposably, you are supposed to use your hand as a paddle, but I pretend I was holding a paddle, and it worked just as well, which made it more realistic to me. I actually want to hold a real paddle and see if it registers. But you can put top/bottom spin on the ball just like real life and you can move farther and closer to table as well. Very fun experience.

Kinect Sports – Multiplayer options
Unfortunately I did not play any of the multiplayer features yet with this one either so I’m not sure how well it works or not with other players.

Overall, I found this game to be awesome. Sure there’s not a ton of sports to play or campaign modes/seasons/etc, but I don’t ever see myself getting bored with this. Even if you just want to use it to workout, its great. This one is definitely another one to show off the potential of the kinect. I can’t wait until a full single sport game is released on Kinect, it’s going to be unreal. If a real boxing game comes out, there is no way I would be able to go 12 rounds.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of Kinect Sports
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