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UFC Trainer – The good

  • Detection is very good, especially for ground activities
  • There’s a lot of high quality movies that they put in from UFC
  • It teaches real fighting and combo moves, more of a martial arts
  • It pushes you to do more once you do your amount of reps, kind of encouraging in my opinion

UFC Trainer – The not so good

  • Warm-ups are VERY repetive, doesn’t mix things up like EASA and YS does
  • There are only so many fighting moves you can do, overall the whole game gets repetitive
  • No indication on how many activities you have left or how much time is left during your workout, found this annoying especially if you have something to do
  • Trainers voice gets annoying after awhile as well

UFC Trainer – Story
No story mode, however it does give you a 30 day or 60 day program to work out with. I still find EASA2 the best in this category for doing programs.

UFC Trainer – Kinect experience
It seems the developer spent a lot of time in this category. It detects floor activities flawlessly for the most part. It is highly accurate as well when doing fighting combos, as in if you punch with the wrong arm, it lets you know. Overall, I’m impressed with the accuracy they are getting out of kinect.

UFC Trainer – Graphics
Graphics are so so, nothing amazing.

UFC Trainer – Gameplay
The game does teach you fighting moves which is cool, however its only a trainer, hence why I stated for my title it is what it claims. I would think you would be able to fight against other UFC people, but you only get to hit their mitts which I found really annoying, it’s like you want to use your newly found moves to kick some butt and all you can do is hit padded mitts.

There are only a few things in the game, I went through the activities, which only had 4. One was a do your own thing with a heavy bag, this is where I tested out what moves it was detecting. I was able to see the difference between elbowing and a jab, a hook, kneeing, and kicking. It does not detect any head movement though, I tried headbutting like Fighters Uncaged, but no good.

The other was training with a UFC fighter, but its just mitt pads, a speed bag and some tire thing which I found really dumb. You basically squat down for a few seconds and a tire gets pushed up, then when you stand up it bounces off the fence. I’d rather just do squats.

UFC Trainer – Multiplayer options
I didn’t play multiplayer but from what I gathered its taking turns, not simulataneous.

Overall it’s not a bad game, but they could of added so much more. It’s cool for some fighting moves but I was hoping after you learn the real deal, you were able to test it out on some UFC people, but is just a training game.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of UFC Personal Trainer
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