Kudo Tsunoda

Kinect spokesman Kudo Tsunoda tells Gamasutra that the device is on track to sell millions this holiday thanks to its abilty to enable deep gameplay and attract a wide audience, in a new interview from the Tokyo Game Show floor. He also has interesting facts about: Kinect‘s required room size, Kinect Lightning conditions, Kinect‘s Future support and says developers are free to choose whether Kinect is suitable for the experience they want the gamer to have.

Kinect pre-orders

The preorders have been really strong. As far as what we’re looking at for Holiday, this is going to be stuff that’ll blow away any of the sales you’ve seen with iPad

– Kudo Tsunoda at TGS

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Gameplay and depth

People are really surprised by the skill-based gameplay and the depth of gameplay that are in the experiences… I think those are the kinds of things that all types of gamers love. […] People who love playing games like the same stuff. They like games that are fun; they like playing games where the more you play, the better you get. And those are things that we’re doing really well with all of the Kinect titles

– Kudo Tsunoda at TGS

Kinect Room Size

At some point, with the sensor, you need to be like a meter and a half away. If you’re going to be closer than that it’s going to have a little trouble tracking your body. That’s not something we’re trying to hide from anybody. That’s how the system works. We’ve done a lot of reseach to make sure the system works in everybody’s houses — North American houses, European houses, Japanese houses.

– Kudo Tsunoda at TGS

Kinect lightning conditions

It really does work in all types of lighting conditions. Dark — it doesn’t matter if you have dim lights in the house, that stuff’s all going to work. The main thing is with the games that are very physical, but there are games which don’t need a lot of space

– Kudo Tsunoda at TGS

Controller or no controller?

If you want to make a game with a controller and using Kinect, if that’s going to make the game the most fun, use it that way. That’s awesome. The only thing we’re looking for is to enable developers to build the best experiences possible,” says Tsunoda. “Both developers and the people playing are loving the experiences.

– Kudo Tsunoda at TGS

Future support for Kinect

We’ve got obviously the full-body tracking, our voice technology, the human recognition system — all these things, developers can use today. But just like any part of the platform, we’re going to constantly evolve and work on it over time to give developers new features they want, to give consumers the new experiences they want. That’s just going to be something that, as we roll into the future, is just constantly growing.

– Kudo Tsunoda at TGS

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