If you haven’t purchased any of the Kinect Sports Season 2 downloadable content packs that have been released so far, then you might want to take advantage of this offer: All Access Pass for 800 Microsoft Points. This will bring you all DLC packs that have been released for the game and the benefit of purchasing this Pass is that you’ll get one of the DLC packs for free. Normally, three of the Packs are available for 400 Microsoft Points and the other two available for free.

Five add-on packs for Kinect Sports: Season Two in a single download! Supercharge your game with the Basketball Challenge Pack, Midnight Mountain Ski Pack, Maple Lakes Golf Pack and Challenge Packs #1 and #2. Includes all associated achievements and Challenges to send to friends. Content also sold separately – check that you don’t already own it before purchasing!

You can purchase All Access Pass from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Source: Rare