After weeks of rumor, Microsoft has just yesterday announced the definitive price of $149.99 for the Kinect peripheral that includes the Kinect Adventures game. After a good run a few weeks back, Kinect is back up in the top 5 in the Video Games category on Amazon. After record sales of the quieter and slimmer Xbox 360 ‘S’ with 250GB hard drive in the UK (review), Microsoft may also expect great results in the United States. The product prosition of this new Xbox 360 is #9 at the time of writing. If you want to help Kinect to the #1 spot and support our work in the process, then pre order Kinect today!

Amazon UK

Amazon UK has also started taking preorders on the device in the UK where it carries a suggested retail price of £130 and the Kinect has topped Amazon’s best selling PC & Video games (which includes both hardware and games) for the past 48 hours or so. Kinect first entered Amazon UK’s top 100 list on Monday while the Xbox 360 Slim 250GB is currently number 10 and has spent the past 38 days in Amazon’s top 100. The original Xbox Arcade is ranked 31st while worryingly for Nintendo, the Wii is currently 45th.

Both the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle and the stand alone console have not proved to be stellar sellers which means that many gamers will prefer to get the Kinect as an add-on to their existing Xbox 360 gaming console or wait for a Xbox 360 Slim (250GB) Kinect package. The Kinect is also in the top 10 in the preorder chart at where the popular online retailer says it is due for release towards the end of November 2010.

Playstation Move at #271

One of the contenders in the console ‘wars’ is Sony with its Playstation 3. Recently, Sony released motion control Move, which is similar to Nintendo’s Wii in the sense that you still need to hold a controller. However, it seems as though it is not such a big hit as Kinect, as this product is not even in the top 100 at Amazon.

Buying Kinect?

If you already own an Xbox then buying the peripheral on pre-order on your local webshop is the best choice, as this will get you Kinect and the game Kinect Adventures. If you’re not owning an Xbox yet, then ordering the Kinect Bundle with 4GB of storage and WiFi built in will best suit you. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, then try watching some experiences from other customers on our website here and here. Also, be sure to read up on the news we post on Kinect. Don’t know what Kinect is? Get our short version here.