Microsoft have finally launched Kinect TV with the first 2 titles Kinect Sesame Street TV and Kinect Nat Geo TV out now in shops and on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

You can watch the brief launch trailer for Kinect Nat Geo TV above. I was a little disappointed by the trailer because apart from not showing much it’s done in the same “kiddy” style as the Kinect Sesame Street TV trailer (which you can watch below) which was fine with Sesame Street as it matched the actual TV show which is aimed at little kids whereas Kinect Nat Geo TV is aimed at everyone, even if it is slightly geared towards a younger audience. Plus the style of the trailer doesn’t even fit the show, if they wanted to do a “kiddy” trailer for it I think they should have gone with a style like Bindi Irwin’s “Bindi The Jungle Girl” show or something like that. (I’ve only seen clips of her show and it looks annoying but at least that style would fit better, lol!) Hopefully there’ll be another trailer for it aimed at everyone.

For the UK & US each show costs £29.99/$29.99 for a DVD with 8 thirty minute episodes on or you can also download them via Xbox LIVE with a “Season’s Pass”  for 2400msp for each show’s 8 episode season or buy each episode individually for £3.43/$4.99/400msp per episode. There will also be a further 8 episodes of Kinect Sesame Street TV available on Christmas Day, December 25th. The downloadable versions may only be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace via the Xbox 360 itself since they’re not available on their Marketplace pages on the website, at least not on the UK version of the website.

Hopefully Kinect TV will be a success and more shows will be announced soon! 🙂 As always, feel free to post your suggestions for other TV shows you’d like to see become Kinect TV shows in the comments.


Source: martijnvandermeulen's YouTube Channel, SenorWakko's UK YouTube Channel
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