If you own a surround sound set (and I assume most of you do) you’ll probably be very familiar with this problem: First you’ll spend considerable time positioning and calibrating your speaker so that you get the perfect surround sound system, only to realize later that when you move away from the spot where you calibrated it the whole audio experience is garbage!

Current surround sound systems all have a sweet spot in which the sound experience is perfect, but anywhere around that sweet spot…it’s not so perfect. Well, Microsoft thinks they have the solution to this problem…and it does involve Kinect!

Perfect Kinect Surround Sound

Kinect is capable of tracking you, it is also accurate enough to track your head, so it basically know where your ears are. This is what Microsoft is using in their latest patent, a patent that describes having a “dynamic surround sound sweet spot” that is calculated by means of Kinect tracking.

What this means? Well, you’ll be able to move around your room and have the perfect sound experience all the time! You’ll have to calibrate your surround sound just once and even if you move your couch or chair your will not have to recalibrate! This is even handier for Kinect games, because you will most likely not be in your sweet spot while playing standing games. With this system that’s not a problem.

It’s unclear if Microsoft will bring this to the current generation of Kinect. but the patent does show a lot of promise.

Source: wired
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