Kinect works in the dark too

According to the Kinect setup guide, setting up Kinect requires even lightning conditions in the room where Kinect is being used. That even lightning conditions can also mean pitch black is probably not what most people were expecting. Rawad, a 123Kinect advocate, is the first on the web to notice Kinect actually works in the dark too.

Continue reading to see the footage proving this Kinect fact!

Kinect in the dark Video

This is a video taken from Madrid, Spain where Steve Ballmer presents Kinect at the GameFest Expo. After 6 minutes and 49 seconds, you’ll see the footage of Kinect in the dark (06:49).

According to several big gaming websites out there, Kinect only works with even lightning conditions, but the above video suggests this not to be true at all. Was this something you were expecting?

How come Kinect works in the dark?

Well, Kinect radiates infrared light, which we (humans) can’t see with our eyes. This infrared light bounces of the stuff in your room (and our bodies) and it bounces back to Kinect: revealing the location of everything in the room to Kinect. So: Kinect uses infrared light to see, which we cannot see, therefore it is able to work in a room that is dark to our eyes as well.

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Thanks Rawad for tipping us on the news!