Welcome to the another edition of our “Kinect’s week in review” where we give you a quick summary of the most important Kinect news of this week. If you’ve missed some of the news that came out this week then this is the ultimate article to quickly get back up to speed!

Gamescom VIP Xbox party

The 123Kinect.com crew drove down to Germany to attend Microsoft’s VIP Xbox party held after the first day of Gamescom. There we had to chance to play many of the upcoming big Kinect titles and were also treated with some very cool presentations of other major Xbox titles. We left with a wealth of information and in the upcoming day we’ll be posting articles about the games we played. For now you can read the special report we wrote on the whole trip, read about it right here!

Gamescom trailers

Gamescom introduced a wealth of new trailers for all the major Kinect titles. For your convenience I put them all in the article so you can watch them all in rapid succession. Enjoy!

Kinect Sports: Season 2

Rise of Nightmares

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour

The Gunstringer

Rabbids Alive and Kicking

Forza Motorsport 4

Just Dance 3

The Sims 3: Pets


Dance Central 2

The Black Eyed Peas Experience

Mass Effect 3

The Adventures of Tin Tin

Burnout Crash

So there you have it, all up to date again on everything Kinect!