Independent Kinect developer Virtual Air Guitar Company has announced that Kung-Fu For Kinect has gone gold and revealed the game’s pricing in another press release:


Kung Fu for Kinect : Pricing & Gold Press release

Finland – May 20. 2016

Today Geek Mode PR and developers ‘Virtual Air Guitar Company’ have finished their sparring session and announced their long awaited next-generation Kinect title Kung-Fu for Kinect has gone gold and is now in the hands of the Kung-Fu gods ready for release on Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program.

Kung-Fu for Kinect is exclusive to Xbox One and will make full use of the enhanced power of the new hardware. Thanks to the wider field of view, your priceless ming vase will be safe in the knowledge that granny will need considerably less space to enjoy the unparalleled hand to hand combat throughout the campaign.

With an ever expanding fan base to their ongoing commitment to Kinect titles, Virtual Air Guitar Company are confident that with the brand new unity based rag-doll physics and 22 levels packed with more enemies than ever before will be a high-flying success.

8 further challenges along with the chance to be the star in a customised Kung-Fu comic and there’s no surprise to hear that Kung-Fu for Kinect is one of the most hotly anticipated Kinect games for Xbox One.

On top of the announcement that development is complete and the title has been passed to the Kung-Fu gods for certification, we also have pricing details below.

$19.99 : U.S

€18.99 : Europe

£14.99 : U.K

(exact prices may vary dependent on location)

Finally we are still hot on track for a June release date and will announce an exact date in the coming weeks but if you wish to get your hands on Kung-Fu for Kinect, the game will be on display at the Unite ‘16 Europe conference in Amsterdam, May 31 – June 2, where conference visitors and the press can try out a fully-playable demo.



What do you think about Kung Fu For Kinect’s price? Too high, too low or just right? Let us know in the comments below or in our Kinect 2 Games Forum.