Independent Kinect developer Virtual Air Guitar Company have released their latest ID@Xbox Kinect game, Kung-Fu For Kinect, on Xbox Live for Xbox One priced at £14.99 (UK) / €18.99 (EU) / $19.99 (US). You can watch the launch trailer above.

Kung Fu For Kinect is an upgraded Xbox One remake of Xbox 360’s groundbreaking AR (augmented reality) side-scrolling full-body motion fighting game, Kung Fu: High Impact, with new features to entice fans of the original to double-dip including new game modes, more enemies on screen and ragdoll physics that react to your attacks.

I can also confirm that it still features object tracking like the original which means you can use most real-life objects you have in your home as weapons in the game! Just be sure you have enough room to swing them around without hitting things.

Unfortunately the Kinect vs joypads multiplayer has been removed though. However it may be added at a later date as I asked the developer about it and they gave me the following reply:

Unfortunately no. We liked that feature, but it was a huge amount of work, so it probably would have made the final price a bit higher to cover the costs. We’ll consider adding it later on, though – like I said, it was a cool feature and I’m sad to see it go.


My first impressions of Kung Fu For Kinect will have to wait as I’m currently too ill to play it enough, but I’ll try to do it as soon as I can. I may even try to review it at some point but again that will only be if I’m well enough as it’s quite a demanding game and will likely take me a while. You can read more information about Kung Fu For Kinect in the following factsheet:


Kung Fu For Kinect



Punching air has never felt this good! Kung-Fu for Kinect takes the player’s own video image and puts it inside a 2D fighting adventure. The player fights comic-book villains with real kicks and punches. During cutscenes, Kinect takes snapshots of the player’s poses, giving the player the lead role in their own animated comic book. As with the company’s previous games, Kung-Fu has been designed with daily physical activity in mind. Exercise is one of the big reasons why we make motion games. We want to provide both kids and adults with games that are enjoyable on their own, but also keeps them up and active.



Kung-Fu for Kinect is based on Virtual Air Guitar’s 2011 Xbox 360 game Kung-Fu High Impact. “We’ve received a lot of requests to bring Kung-Fu to Xbox One. We can now answer the popular demand, thanks to great leaps in game development tools, such as Unity® software. We can offer something for new players and old fans alike”, says Aki Kanerva, Founder and Lead Designer at Virtual Air Guitar Company. “This new version has been reprogrammed from scratch using Unity, so we have new cool features like new game modes, more enemies on screen and ragdoll physics that react to your attacks.”



  • Step inside the game and turn yourself into a kung-fu hero!
  • Use your own moves to punch and kick your way through comic-book villains!
  • Leap through the air, conjure lightning and shoot flaming arrows!
  • Star in your own kung-fu comic book!
  • Story mode with 22 levels!
  • 9 replayable challenges for daily fun!
  • One-Shot Mode for staging your own finishing moves!



Are you planning to buy Kung Fu For Kinect? If you have bought it already what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below or discuss it in our Kinect 2 Games Forum. You can even write your own review in our Kinect 2 Game Reviews Forum.