Today is the final day of Kinesthetic Games Kickstarter campaign for Kung Fu Superstar and as of the time I’m writing this they only have 8 hours left. Unfortunately they haven’t met their goal yet but there was a recent surge so fingers crossed that it actually makes it at the last minute!

Remember, they’re a small and totally independent developer and the reason for the Kickstarter campaign is that they’ve run out of money so currently can’t continue funding the development of Kung Fu Superstar, which means that the longer they have no funds then obviously the longer it will take for the game to actually come out and the worse case scenario is that it’s cancelled altogether! šŸ™

Also remember that pledging doesn’t have to be just a “charity donation” as there are plenty of rewards, including of course getting 1 or both games (Kung Fu Superstar: Origin on PC only which is the downloadable prequel & the main Kung Fu Superstar game which should be multi-platform. Both support Kinect and you can use the Xbox 360 Kinect with PCs) when they’re finished depending on your pledge amount.

Here’s more from Kinesthetic Games’ founder Kostas Zarifis:

Around 24 hours ago weĀ posted an update asking a simple question:

What can we do to send out the message to the world, that Kung Fu Superstar is a game the gaming community wants to seeĀ getĀ made?

What did you do to answer that question? You doubled the funding pot!

Yup…in one day you added to our total almostĀ as much as we had gathered throughout the whole campaign so far.

It’s been extremely touching to monitor your response to our cry for help as the Kickstarter draws its last breaths and watching how you rallied around this cause really raised our spirits.

With 15 hours left we now ask you:

How much more can we push? How much louder can we raise our voices?

Can we break through the 50% / Ā£100,000 barrier? Can we reach 75%? 90%?

If you are watching from the sidelines, now is the time to jump in. It is, quite literally, your last chance to show the world you care about innovative concepts and a revolution in action/fighting games. If you have already backed, but haven’tĀ raised your pledge, now is the time to do it. And if you’ve done all of that and wondering what else you can do, get on your Facebooks and Twitters one last time and get your friends, family and followers to take one look, one last look at our videos and our demos, which we so painstakingly worked on.

Thank you and we’ll see you on the other side!

Along with the trailer above here are the video updates again in case you missed any:




Source: Kung Fu Superstar' Kickstarter page