Everyone enjoys a good deal, so if you were looking into making some new game purchases, then first have a look at the Kinect deals maybe there’s something for you:

On Kinect Central:

  • Mini Ninjas Adventures is 60% off until 27th May
  • Kinect Sports: Season Two is on sale (varies) between 28th May and 3rd June

Furthermore, Dance Central Catalog is on sale (varies) between 28th May and 3rd June.

At this moment, there are 9 Kinect Sports Gems available (6 released in February and 3 in March). The latests releases include: Ping Pong, Penalty Saver and 10 Frame Bowling and are available for 240 Microsoft Points on Xbox Like Marketplace.

Also, if you prefer to purchase your games on demand, then you might find useful to know that Just Dance: Disney Party is now available on demand.

Source: Major Nelson