Now that 2012 has officially come to an end you must have made some new years resolutions for 2013 right? If to lose weight is on your list then you are probably planning on getting an gym subscription and going to the gym a couple of times a week. But with the crisis and all it might not be such a good idea to get a gym membership, since they can be quite expensive. We have a better, cheaper and more fun solution for you to lose weight: Do it with Kinect!

Kinect vs. The Gym

If you are planning on losing weight in 2013 but want to do so on a strict budget the gym might not be the best solution for you. A gym membership on average will cost you $55 a month (according to statistics), so for the total of 2013 this will set you back a whopping $660. Your gym might also be not so conveniently located so you’ll skip on it now and then, and you are bound to get bored of working out there because it is extremely repetitive.

Now let’s look at losing weight with Kinect. A package of an Xbox 360 + Kinect + Fitness game will only cost you $250! That’s less than half of that of a yearly gym membership and only $20 a month! And if you already have an Xbox you’ll just have to buy a Kinect and fitness game for only about $135!

Losing weight with Kinect is not only way cheaper than a gym, it’s also more fun and more effective. Fitness games on Kinect are designed to give you a virtual workout. Think of it like a gym, but then right in your living room. The best thing about it is that Kinect will accurately track your body movements and give you feedback on how well you are performing the exercises. It’s not just a gym in your home, it’s also your very own personal trainer!

Motivation is also key on Kinect, while at a gym you’ll quickly grow bored of the activities. With Kinect, you can just get a new game and get motivated all over again!

kinect gym

So want to be on your way to losing weight in a cheap, efficient and fun way? Then get Xbox 360 Kinect + Fitness game right here!