We have a big day upcoming, because tomorrow will be the US release date of two Kinect games! The two games in question are “Michael Jackson the Experience” by Ubisoft and “Fantastic Pets” by THQ. Both great looking but otherwise completely different games. Don’t know which one to get, or want a good reason to get both? Then read on for more info on these exciting games!

Michael Jackson the Experience

Michael Jackson the Experience is a dance game that could be best compared to Dance Central, but instead with all Michael Jackson songs and moves. You might think this is a bad thing and could get boring, but then again, Michael Jackson is the king of dance and his moves are both complex and divers. I personally think it would take a long time to get boring!

Michael Jackson the Experience involves both dancing and singing, or if you want, just dancing, or as some songs require: just singing. So why should you get this game? Well I think it will provide the same level of fun as Dance Central, plus singing and plus learning how to dance like Michael Jackson!. How cool would it be to play the game, go to a club and when a Michael Jackson song comes on totally own the dance floor by busting out his moves! Check out the trailer of the game below:

Michael Jackson the Experience is out tomorrow on the 12th of April. Buy now!

Fantastic Pets

Fantastic Pets is a whole different kind of Kinect game, and could be best compared to Kinectimals. The major difference is that in Fantastic Pets you are given the ability to fully customize your pet and create a unique creature by selecting colors, patterns, horns, tails and even wings.

Fantastic pets utilized the Kinect sensor by putting you (and your environment) right in the game via augmented reality, where you can interact with your pets and teach them tricks. There is actually a demo out of this game so you can check it out right now if you’d want to try it before buying!

So why should you buy Fantastic Pets? Well it makes use of the Kinect Sensor in a unique and very immersive way, the game will let you fully customize your pet and has very complex AI. If you liked Kinectimals I’m sure you’ll also like Fantastic Pets. Not convinced? Try the demo or watch the trailer below:

Fantastic Pets is out tomorrow on the 12th of April. Buy now!

Which game are you getting? Or are you getting both? Drop me a line in the comments below!