Microsoft Ends Production Of Kinect 1 And 2 title

Microsoft Ends Production Of Kinect 1 & 2

It’s a very sad day today as Microsoft’s Alex Kipman announced in an interview with the website Co.Design that Microsoft has stopped making not just Kinect for Xbox 360 but also Kinect 2 for Xbox One. This doesn’t necessarily mean that developers will stop making Kinect 2 games as there are still millions of us who want new games. In fact it has been revealed that the sales for both combined are 35 million, which means that just under 10 million Kinect 2s have been sold, since the first one had sold around 25 million by the time Xbox One was released. However, this news is obviously likely to put off many potential developers of future games, so we have to hope that there will still be at least a few willing to continue developing games for it. And don’t worry, we will continue to cover the games until the very last one!

There was a little bit of good news in the interview though as not only did Alex Kipman re-confirm that HoloLens uses the technology and reveal that its technology is actually Kinect v4 but also that they are continuing to develop the technology and are already creating Kinect v5! The article seems to imply this will be for the next version of HoloLens, but who knows, maybe we will be getting a new device for Xbox One X after all? Although whatever happened to v3? Plus of course the technology is also being used in Windows Mixed Reality VR HMDs, which is why we’re covering them here.

How do you feel about Microsoft ending production of Kinect 1 and especially 2, as well as the atrocious way they have treated us fans this generation and even to some extent last generation? Let us know in the comments below or create a discussion in our General Kinect forum.


Source: Co.Design