Motion Nexus is an awesome new platform for Kinect that allows developers to use their Kinect apps pretty much anywhere on the internet, including Facebook, on any device! (Except the Xbox 360 currently.) Here’s their announcement post, and be sure to click on the sources for more of their videos and more info:

Motion Nexus announces cloud platform for Kinect applications

Our mission at Motion Nexus is to build the platform that powers the “internet of physical activities”.

Today, we are taking the first step on our mission by announcing the Motion Nexus Platform for Kinect applications. The Motion Nexus Platform for Kinect applications is a first-of-its-kind managed cloud platform that makes it infinitely easier to develop, deploy, manage and run Kinect applications in the cloud. Using the Motion Nexus platform and tools, developers can build and deploy Kinect applications to the desktop, websites or Facebook within minutes. The Motion Nexus platform is an end-to-end platform that abstracts the complexities of developing, hosting and managing Kinect applications in the cloud for developers thereby enabling developers to spend more time developing innovative and exciting applications, accelerating their time-to-market and enabling them to reach broader audiences (websites, Facebook). The possibilities are endless.

The Kinect and other motion sensing input devices are fundamentally changing how we interact with computers. We created the Motion Nexus platform because we believe that a robust platform and tools are the catalyst for new applications that will change the way we interact and engage with each other online (for example: physical full/partial body motion games, fitness challenges, virtual sightseeing tours). We also believe that our platform and tools will revolutionize the way businesses deliver services and engage with customers in extraordinary new ways (for example: orthopedists, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, physical therapists, advertising agencies).

Today we are inviting developers to our Private Beta of the Motion Nexus Platform for Kinect applications. Developers in the Private Beta program will have access to following:

  • Technology abstracting plugin that provides the interface between the camera and the application
  • Easy to use API/SDK that enables developers to consume and process Kinect data
  • SkelStream services that enable real time broadcasting of Kinect data to Facebook friends (for watching) and mobile devices
  • Application Management Services console that enables developers to deploy and manage application versions
  • Managed cloud hosting of Kinect applications
  • Kinect for Facebook services that seamlessly integrate with the Facebook runtime environment and enable Kinect applications to be deployed as a Facebook app
  • Full developer support

The development SDK currently supports Kinect applications written with Adobe Flash. Other technology stacks will be added soon and we will keep you informed of our plans. Please sign up for Private Beta and early access to future releases here and follow us on Twitter @motionnexus We are excited to launch the Motion Nexus Platform for Kinect applications, a first-of-its-kind managed cloud platform that makes it infinitely easier to develop, deploy, manage and run Kinect applications in the cloud.


Source: Motion Nexus's Vimeo Channel,
Thanks to 123KINECT visitor Yaniv Cogan for submitting this news!