MotionSports, as a Kinect launch game by Ubisoft, did not receive the best of critiques, but is still the only Kinect game where you are able to fly through the digital world using your body as the controller. Now, it seems as though the successor of the sports game with HD graphics is close to being announced: MotionSports Adrenaline.

While the original game focused on sports such as horse riding, football, boxing and hang-gliding, the subtitle “Adrenaline” of the new episode may imply a focus on extreme sports.

MotionSports Adrenaline: Kinect or Move

Now, this game is being listed all over the place, some say it is a PS Move exclusive, others say it is coming to Kinect. Here’s an overview:

These shops list the game as a Kinect Game:

These shops list it as a supported by PS3 Move:

Even though, more shops list it as a Move game, two of those shops are from the Czech Republic: meaning it is likely the share the same data source for listing their games. In my view, the two ‘exclusives’ are wrong and this will be a game for Kinect AND Playstation Move game that releases later this year (the shops seem to indicate a 2011 release).

What do you think will MotionSports Adrenaline release on Move, Kinect or both?! Checkout a list of all rumored and upcoming Kinect games here.

Thanks, CorellianRogue for sharing on our Kinect forums.