Nagual Dance is a new Kinect dancing game for both Kinect For Windows v1 & v2 and independent developer Nagural Sounds have started an Indiegogo campaign to get funding for it. Their goal is $60,000 and they have 39 days left. If the campaign is successful they’re hoping to bring Nagual Dance to Xbox One as well.

If you want to pledge you can check out the Indiegogo campaign here: . (Please note that it’s a “Flexible Funding” campaign, which means they get your pledge money regardless of whether they reach their goal or not.)

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Not another dancing game for Kinect?!”, but Nagual Dance is a bit different to previous dancing games because instead of just dancing to pre-recorded music players actually create music within various “Soundscapes” by dancing! And it’s totally freestyle, so players aren’t trying to copy scripted dance moves.

You can see Nagual Dance in action in its Indiegogo trailer above and read more info about the game in the following excerpts from their Indiegogo page:


Nagual Dance – Your body is an orchestra

Nagual Dance is a new experience for music to be felt and played in a fun and intuitive way.

Ever dreamed of creating music through your dance moves?

Nagual Dance is a revolutionary interactive musical experience that gives you the freedom to create music in real time, using just your body. All you need are hands, feet, a Kinect for Windows, a computer and Nagual Dance. Instead of just dancing, you create music through your dance moves!



Nagual Dance is a singular technology that translates body movements into music.

We are great fans of musical, dance and rhythm games, like Parappa the Rapper, Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band and Dance Central. These are countless hours of fun, a true inspiration for us. But being musicians and DJs, we think they leave out an essential element of music: creating. So what if you could create music with natural dancing movements? This challenge made us create Nagual Dance.

Who are we? We are Nagual Sounds.

It all started in 2011, when Mark Moebius, a classical composer, and Artur Reimer, civil engineer and techno producer, made music together. Soon the creative process of composing and producing became increasingly important for them, they started looking for ways to share the fun with people. Especially those who are neither composers nor producers, but are still eager to make music.

Nagual Sounds was born to pursue that idea. After three years of research and development, we are very happy to introduce Nagual Dance.



Using a Kinect camera, Nagual Dance captures the bodily movements of one or two dancers and instantly generates music from every move. It reverses the natural process of dancing, revealing an interesting cycle: you dance and create music, and the music you create makes you dance.

Dancers have full control of the musical elements, generating an individual song based on their dancing style and performance. By moving through four fields you discover different harmonies, grooves, instruments and arrangements. With your hands and feet, you deal with drums, percussion, bass, solos, chords. For example, if you move faster, the sound gets more intense. Moving your hands up, you play higher notes.

1 and 2-player: dance with a friend

Nagual Dance is incredible to play alone, but we’ve been also spending a lot of time to enhance the exciting 2-player mode! The feeling of getting connected and creating music together is amazing! And the best thing is: your friend can just hop onto the dancefloor and join you instantly, without interrupting the music.

Soundscapes: the interactive music format

When you dance in Nagual Dance, you’ll notice the notes and sounds that you play always fit together. The reason for this mysterious harmony is the Soundscape format, created especially for body moving music. Every Soundscape contains musical information that provides the tempo, mood, rhythm, scales, chord progressions, samples, synth sounds.

After extensive testing and dancing, we define the parameters affected by each movement (like having a harder bass when both hands are up) and save everything in a single soundscape file.

For now, all Soundscapes are composed and produced in-house. But we are working together with other artists to broaden the range of styles. If you are a label manager or artist and identify with the idea, please get in touch, support us and share our project!




We’re committed to quality instead of hurrying up to match a fixed release date. But we expect to release the first Nagual Dance in 3-4 months, depending on the results of this campaign. Until then, we calculated an amount of US$60.000 that will be used to:

  1. Improve the dance engine: our technology is pretty good right now, with no latency. But we’ll make it smarter and bug-free.
  2. Improve the graphics: avatars, visual fx, scenarios, GUI and overall graphics.
  3. Improve the audio quality and variety: create new synthesizers, samplers and effect processors and extend the Soundscape library to offer more genres
  4. Start building the Soundscape Shop
  5. Pay company monthly running costs + salaries
  6. Pay Indiegogo costs




Through the journey, Nagual Sounds received proper respect from professionals and leaders of the industry, being awarded by Midemlab 2014, Design Prize Berlin-Brandenburg, Rethink Music, TechPitch 4.5, and Society3 GoToStartups. We are very grateful to have been rewarded for our approach to merging music and state of the art technology.




We put all our passion in this project in the past two years, and we accomplished lots of good things. Now, your support is super important for us to raise the quality of Nagual Dance. So we prepared some special rewards for gamers, dancers, artists and music enthusiasts. More than getting money, we want you to ask questions, suggest ideas, give feedback, share to your friends. Consider backing today \o_




We have big plans. For now, we just want to see Nagual Dance funded, but we already thought about the future. If we reach certain levels of investment, we’ll be able to create a Special Edition with tons of soundscapes, stunning visuals, new modes (like fitness and tutorial) and more.



Nagual Dance Demo Videos

Here are a few Nagual Dance videos demonstrating various “Soundscapes”:

A selection of Soundscapes


Timing by Guy Gerber


Come With Me


Firedance (2 player mode)


Do you like the look (and sound) of Nagual Dance? Have you pledged yet? Let us know in the comments below.




Source: Nagual Dance Indigogo page, Nagual Sounds' YouTube Channel