Harmonix have released a new Dance Central 3 trailer comprised of the intro to the game which you can watch above and a “Characters & Crews” developer diary which you can watch below:

Also, in an interview with Kotaku, Dance Central 3’s project director Matt Boch talked about designing Kinect games, including the need to test the games with a lot of people during development to make sure they work properly for everybody. Kotaku claim they were talking about Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, yet they even admit that Matt Boch never actually mentioned Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor so you do have to wonder whether they’re just trying to ride the Steel Battalion-bashing bandwagon for a little bit longer. Anyway, here are some quotes from the article:

“Design isn’t about thinking your template works because you can implement it,” he answered, without calling out Steel Battalion specifically. “You can’t stop at ‘Oh, it works for me.’ Put the user experience first and figure out just how much of your game is playable.” Testing is crucial, Boch continued. “It can’t just be people working at the studio who step in front of the Kinect. We have a lot of people come in to play our games.”

“Kinect experiences change depending on people’s awareness of their own movements and you need to tune for that,” Boch elaborated. “You can’t just take a standard game concept and bolt it onto Kinect. Embrace what Kinect can do.” He cited Double Fine Happy Action Theater as a game that does that well, remarking that the game asks for big, wacky gestures because they’re easier to input.

You can look at Kinect the same way as people once did at touchscreens, Boch said. “Touchscreen tech has been around a while but we’re only now getting to a standardized vocabulary of user input.” As more motion-gesture games come out, Boch essentially believes that the knowledge base of what works and what doesn’t will reach a critical mass that makes for better experiences. And designers will be able to do more fun things with the device’s capabilities.

There’s a quick bit at the beginning of DC3 where the Kinect looks up and down as if it’s scanning your body before letting you into an exclusive nightclub. That moment breaks the fourth wall. Boch called it a Kojima-ism, refencing the Konami designer’s iconic trick in Metal Gear Solid. That PS2 game read the memory card to trigger certain dialogue from villain Psycho Mantis, resulting in a moment that fans have remembered for years. You only get there by poking at the edges of what hardware can do,” he offers. “But if you don’t test it to death, it could backfire on you.”

Since Kotaku claim that Matt Boch was negatively talking about Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, despite not showing any evidence that he was, I thought I’d post some quotes from Kotaku talking about the game themselves in positive previews before their bad review:

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Is The Hardest-Core Kinect Game Yet

Holy crap, this tank is taking fire from all sides, I can’t see anything, I need to vent out the smoke but one of my crew members just got shot and we can’t stay still for too long or enemy soldiers will climb in and kill us, and I can’t reach the vent button, and the window just cracked, so now I’m flying blind, okay up periscope, woah holy crap I blew away a tank, awesome, oh wait okay there are bullets pouring in from all sides and what the hell am I supposed to do now oh okay I died.

So, that’s basically Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. Developed by Dark Souls masterminds From Software and published by Capcom, this game layers complex, immersive Kinect motion controls on top of an Xbox 360 controller to create one mother of a hardcore motion-controlled game.

I’ve yet to see a trailer for Capcom’s Kinect-and-controller Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor that didn’t impress me. I’ve even seen people play this game and it doesn’t look dopey

We Need More Kinect Games Like Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Please.

We’ve been subjected to some bad Kinect games this past year and a half. Maybe it’s time for a really good one? I’m stepping on board the fully-mechanized Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor bandwagon, because here is a Kinect game that looks fun and—this is key—appears to use the Kinect sensor sparingly.

My favorite touch: When you stand up from your chair, you are basically standing in your Steel Battalion mech, popping your head out of the hatch above to survey the landscape beyond the tank.

You can visit the forums to read a few more suspiciously contradictory positive previews/bad reviews of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor from certain high-profile websites and to talk about any other games and Kinect related stuff or even off-topic discussions in the off-topic forum.

Finally, here are a couple of videos from 123KINECT members DarthVargi and dirtyvu demonstrating that Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor does in fact work fine:

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