At the beginning of this month Electronic Arts announced Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The masters for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, supporting both Playstation Move and Wii Remote Plus. Though, Kinect was left out. To our disappointment, it appears that Kinect will not be supported by the golf game.

Unfortunately we will not have Kinect support, although we will be on the Xbox 360.

– Peter Moore, EA Sports President

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 without Kinect support

Peter Moore commented on the reasons why Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 will not have Kinect support.

The team basically ran out of time from a development perspective.

This is unfortunate and interesting because Kinect (or Project Natal) was announced quite a while ago, so they could have made the time.

We were looking at how we could integrate the technology that is Kinect, which is obviously doing very well, and put it into a game that requires you to hold something to have that real element of integration and authenticity.

It sounds like because Kinect is hands free, the game can’t be build to simulate the real experience. Wouldn’t have been a good idea to have a club-like stick to use for playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 on Kinect and sell the stick with the game?

What do you think? Are their reasons good enough to explain why Kinect is the only device that is not being supported by Tiger Woods 12?

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Source: Examiner.