Disney Interactive Studios have released Toy Story Mania!, the game based on the Disneyland & Walt Disney World interactive attraction, for the Xbox 360 in the US and it will be available in the UK on November 30th.

Better With Kinect

It’s actually a “Better With Kinect” game as it has optional joypad controls, but judging by the videos it looks more fun with Kinect. Unfortunately it does autofire with Kinect, although I don’t know whether you can change the controls so that you can aim via Kinect and shoot with a button/trigger on the joypad, if not then they should have done that!

You can see it played with Kinect in the videos above and with a joypad in the videos below. As you can see it’s mainly a fairground-style shooting gallery mini-games collection but there are a few other mini-games in there such as the Fruit Ninja rip-off “homage” featuring asteroids instead of fruit that you can see in the first video. I’m not sure how you play that when using a joypad though, maybe the left thumbstick aims and the right thumbstick swipes?


Source: Ghostezra's YouTube Channel, XPGBETAGAMING2's YouTube Channel