CRABITRON Kinect is at this year’s PAX Australia and the first footage we have found from the show is the above clip from Spiral Live’s PAX Australia Day 1 Twitch stream which features an interview with the game’s Creator and Lead Developer John Millard from Two Lives Left along with the host playing a short demo of the Candy Cosmos level.

In the interview John Millard’s revelations include that CRABITRON Kinect will have at least 6 unique worlds with 30 levels, that you can make CRABITRON wink by simply winking yourself and that they plan to release it on Xbox One at next year’s E3, so in other words June 2015.

Unfortunately the host wasn’t very good at CRABITRON Kinect and yes, you guessed it, seemed to mainly flail around. Luckily it turns out that John Millard had previously uploaded a video of an earlier version of the demo to his YouTube channel, presumably played by himself, so you can watch it being played better than in the previous video below:

CRABITRON Kinect: Candy Cosmos Demo (Work-In-Progress)


CRABITRON Kinect will be released digitally for Kinect 2 for Xbox One via the ID@Xbox programme in June 2015. Do you like what you’ve seen of the game so far? Let us know in the comments below.




Source: Spiral Live's Twitch Channel, John Millard's YouTube Channel