PopCap Games’ pachinko-style puzzle game sequel, Peggle 2, is now available to download on Xbox LIVE exclusively first on Xbox One for £9.99 UK / $11.99 US.

First the good news, full Kinect 2 support has been confirmed! So you can use motion controls to aim and shoot plus there are voice commands.

Now the bad news, it appears that the US version might be the only version that currently supports Kinect 2 since I’m in the UK and get the message “KINECT AND VOICE COMMANDS FOR THIS TITLE ARE NOT SUPPORTED IN YOUR LOCALE. PLEASE USE AN XBOX ONE WIRELESS CONTROLLER TO PLAY PEGGLE 2.” when I start the game and people from other countries have reported the same thing too.

I can’t work out why on earth Peggle 2’s motion controls aren’t supported in all countries yet or why its voice commands aren’t supported in the UK and other countries outside the US that currently support voice commands. Hopefully this is just a temporary delay and we will get Kinect 2 support soon. I have contacted PopCap Games about it and will update this article when I get a reply.

For more info on Peggle 2 you can watch the following video interview and 12 minute demo that Windows Phone Central have uploaded. (Please note that Peggle 2 isn’t actually available for Windows Phones, although it probably will be at some point in the future.)

Video interview





Source: The Official Xbox YouTube Channel, Windows Phone Central's YouTube Channel
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